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[8] Phantom Hourglass drabbles

Hmm, so maybe the reason why this comm is dead is...because everyone is too busy playing Phantom Hourglass? In that case, I present a small collection of PH drabbles (spoilers marked!):

Author: ryutsuki
Timeline: Phantom Hourglass
Characters: Jolene
Disclaimer: The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass is property of Nintendo and co.

She leans against the starboard rail, her ebony hair whipping viciously in the wind. It's long enough to strangle her, but she knows it would never dare to - like most everyone else, it fears her too much.

The moonlight casts a strange glow on the ocean, and she notices that her hair reflects in a strange way though it's only a passing thought, taking up hardly a second. Perhaps HE would think it was beautiful? That SHE was a...treasure worth stealing as well?

Jolene can't see it but when she smiles the moonlight gives her teeth an unnatural look, like some supernatural snake monster sailing at high speeds to follow and catch its prey no matter what the circumstances. Her green eyeshadow looks like the elongated scale of the supernatural snake monster that always seems to know exactly where HE is. She's not using any external device; it's all in her mind, but she's not aware of how frightening a place that is. Yet.

It won't be until she loses her pride for the last time that she realizes how much of her life she's wasted on him.

Author: ryutsuki
Timeline: Phantom Hourglass
Characters: Joanne
Disclaimer: The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass is property of Nintendo and co.

Joanne hated wearing flowers in her hair because bees loved them and wasps loved water, but she loved neither of them. However, they looked so cute on her that she couldn't resist. What were a few stings compared to looking adorable? Nothing, that's what!

And melanoma? What the hell was that, anyway? It was a small price to pay for treading water all day with her shoulders bare, pretending she was a mermaid and singing her siren call to all the old men with romantic stories of adventures on the high seas to share. Fair-skinned mermaid? Forget that! Tanned blonde was the way to go. Skin cancer is nothing to worry about as long as you're beautiful.

Nobody knew her feet were permanently pruned from spending, well, all of her time waist-underwater. That silly mermaid outfit didn't protect her from the water and well who needed to see her feet anyway? She was a freakin' mermaid! Mermaids did not have pruned feet (or feet at all) last time she checked.

She was so beautiful as a sun-kissed mermaid that no one had to know she wasn't real.

Author: ryutsuki
Timeline: Phantom Hourglass
Characters: Jolene
Disclaimer: The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass is property of Nintendo and co.

It's revenge Jolene says she wants, but she won't let herself realize that what she's really after from Linebeck is closure.

She's not thinking about what she needs (to move on) but what she wants (that wily man) because she CAN'T. Her passionate, crazy, frightening, one-track mind bent on revenge is something of a survival instinct.

If she even thinks about him in terms other than I'll catch up to that bastard if it's the last thing I do...well, she's a cut-throat pirate; pirates don't cry. And she replaces her heartbreak with anger just to ensure that it doesn't happen.

Though Jolene's not sure what she'll do when she does catch him...

Author: ryutsuki
Timeline: Phantom Hourglass
Characters: Jolene
Disclaimer: The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass is property of Nintendo and co.

Waves rocking against her boat, a soft rocking lullaby of a ship being tossed over troubled metaphorical waters, it was the sensation of loneliness come crashing in against Jolene's throbbing head.

With clink! clank! came a steady rhythm of bottles rolling into one another, and she wanted to kill the source of the terrible booming sound, but she couldn't quite find the strength to move; she had one too many of those bottles, and Jolene knew if she tried to move against the already rocking boat, the result might be disastrous. So instead she stayed put, praying that dawn would never come because she wanted to to sulk some more.

She had theories why he left, and tomorrow it would infuriate her that she didn't know WHY since he just up and vanished with treasure (her heart) in tow but tonight she was going to cry. When the sun would no doubt come up against her wishes, she'd be the regular, cut-throat pirate wannabe she always was.

That's what she'd do: cut his throat for the answers, locked prisoner by his easy, lying tongue, and pray that the mess of intestines and blood that would jumble out made some sense to her. Maybe they would, maybe they wouldn't. Once the rest of her crew found out tomorrow about Linebeck's disappearance, they'd probably want to cut his throat for the sake of cutting his throat, not concerned about reasons as to WHY. And she wouldn't blame them; she'd join them, even. But since he was gone gone gone like the alcohol in bottles rolling rhythmically about along the floor, there was no throat to cut. No Linebeck to hate. No man to kiss.

Tomorrow she'll pretend that all is well except for a bit of old fashioned pirate revenge...but tonight is for loneliness and another bottle to keep the waves crashing in.

Author: ryutsuki
Timeline: Phantom Hourglass
Characters: Jolene
Disclaimer: The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass is property of Nintendo and co.

Jolene hates kids. This much is clear.

She paced endlessly on her deck, sliding every so often in tune with the waves that surrounded her life, and dwelt on her hatred for children - that lapdog of Linebeck's specifically. To be fair, though, she only met the kid once, but he had bested her rather quickly and landed a rather powerful blow to her pride. As that wily unfortunately knew, her pride was not to be tampered with!

It was all hot air, though, and she knew it. She didn't hate that kid because well...he was a small little guy, but kids don't go around beating competent she-pirates. So he earned her reluctant respect and admiration rather than her hatred. But he still pissed her the hell off.

Only her deck, worn and trodden, knew that she wasn't so mad because she was defeated (and it didn't hurt quite as much as being abandoned, she found). It knew she was mad because of...jealousy. Of the kid. Of Linebeck. Of Linebeck and the kid and the happy family she always fantasized they'd have ever since he crashed his boat into that sea monster so many years ago. The fantasy unfortunately left with him as nothing more than a bitter reminder of what she lost.

Jolene loves kids and dreams of having lots of them aboard her ship along with the man she loves. This much is clear.

But only her deck knows.

Author: ryutsuki
Timeline: Phantom Hourglass
Characters: Linebeck and Jolene
Disclaimer: The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass is property of Nintendo and co.

In the first of the last five minutes they spent together, Jolene sharpened her sword while Linebeck leaned against the wall watching.

In the second of these last five minutes, Jolene almost nicked part of her finger but didn't; Linebeck didn't even notice, though.

In the third of five last minutes, Jolene finished sharpening her sword and decided to shine it; Linebeck almost offered to help.

In the fourth minute, Jolene's lips parted to make small talk, but Linebeck coughed and fumbled with lighting a cigarette which threw her out of alignment; so she stayed silent.

In the fifth of the last five minutes they spent together, Jolene set the sword aside to concentrate on talking with Linebeck, but he was gone.

Author: ryutsuki
Timeline: Alternate Universe
Characters: Linebeck and Link
Disclaimer: The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass is property of Nintendo and co.

Somewhat rushed, Linebeck opened up the refrigerator in his lonely little apartment and meant to grab a beer but instead he grabbed a head.

"Hey, hey," Link protested with a cheerful scowl, "close the door! ...The light goes out. It's cool."

Linebeck winced at the unintentional pun and simply shook his head. "What the hell are you doing in my fridge, kid?"

"Close the door!" Link ignored him (as always). "I want to see the light go out."

Rolling his eyes, he closed the door and left it shut until he heard little mumblings from inside.

"Now it's back on," Link observed after Linebeck opened the door again. "See? The light? It's back on."

Linebeck sighed. "Just hand me a beer, will you?"

"You only have Smirnoff Triple Black," the boy remarked. "Pansy! What happened to all the hard liquor you drink?"

"It was never in the fridge. That shit's in the cupboard. Anyway, the Smirnoff is Jolene's but give me one anyway."

Link gave him a look. "Why don't you just get some of that liquor you have instead?"

"Because I'm on my way to a job interview and I need something for the road."

Again, there was that look and a lengthy period of silence that followed. Finally Link sighed, "You're going to get arrested and not get the job. Then Jolene will just bitch about you again next time she puts away groceries."


Author: ryutsuki
Timeline: Phantom Hourglass
Characters: Linebeck, Link, and Ciela
Disclaimer: The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass is property of Nintendo and co.

"Why do you have to stop with just ten treasures?" Linebeck asked, lounging on the deck of the S.S.HisName with a bottle of whisky and a shot glass nearby.

The boy shrugged while Ciela flew around in agitation. "Because the statue said to stop at ten! There are consequences if you don't, you know! So you can't dig past ten!"

Waving his hand dismissively, Linebeck pshawed. "If you can't dig it, you ain't got no shovel!"

"But...but we DO have a shovel..." Ciela murmured as Link took it out and regarded the item curiously.

"Then dig it!" Linebeck bellowed as he rose to his feet and sent the two children scuffling across the deck, startled. "Dig?"

Like the two treasure dogs the captain made them out to be, Link and Ciela nodded stiffly and darted off the boat to further avoid Linebeck's ire.

However, they would be back sometime later with an angrily written invoice from Link demanding compensation for monetary losses from the Harrow Island Gaming Board.
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