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Legend of Zelda drabbles

Because the Legend never ends

The Legend of Zelda drabbles
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Hello and welcome to the LoZ drabble community!

As the name says, we're a community for drabbles. You wrote one? Great! Go ahead and post it!
You'd like to write one, but you don't have an idea for a topic? That's fine, too. Maybe you can enter one of the weekly contests! ^^
But every community needs a few rules so that things can run smoothly. So let's face it.

Rules and Info

1) If you want to post a drabble, fill out the following form and post the actual drabble under an LJ-Cut. (<lj-cut> your drabble goes here </lj-cut>)
The form:
Author: Your name, just because.
Timeline: Is it OoT based, or TWW, or not related to a game?
Spoilers: Not everyone has played all games, you know. ;D
Warnings: Such as death and stuff
Disclaimer: Not mine, no money made, blah blah.
Contest entry: Entering the contest?
A/N: If you have to say something about what you wrote.

2) All drabbles posted must be related to Zelda. (Duh.)

3) We have a closed membership because of the polls we need to submit the winner of the weekly contest. Your moderators are ladykaiyu, obfuscate_ and I, fowo. Feel free to ask if you have questions.

4) On every sunday, fowo will post the topic for the next contest and the voting of the last one. To enter this contest, post the drabble with the form before Saturday (that gives you the whole Friday to post). Voting will be open 7 days.
Note: Due to several reasons zelda_drabble's contests are for now bi-weekly. No idea if and when I change that back. Accept it as it is. Voting, too, is open 14 days now.

5) The topic for each contest will either be just a single word or a sentence that has to be included. We'll see what I can think of.

6) No, you will get nothing for winning but the luck and talent you already got. If someone out there is good with graphics and volunteers to make winner banners, that's great, please leave a mesage. =D

7) ABSOLUTELY NO FLAMING. Flamers get banned.

8) I suck at making rules, so this is it so far. I hope everything runs smootly this way, if not, I will have to make up more rules. Let's all be nice here.

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