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[3] Beth-centric

Last post was Cremia-centric, but this time around is centered on Beth, the little prostitot from Twilight Princess!

Author: ryutsuki
Timeline: Twilight Princess
Characters: Beth & Sera
Disclaimer: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess is property of Nintendo and co.

Beth sat on the bathroom floor, arms crossed and pouting furiously.

"Beth,please just come out!" Sera pleaded outside the locked bathroom door,"It's really not a big deal. Think of it this way, you're a woman now! Isn't that exciting?"

"NO!" she shouted, "I'm not coming out until you fix this!"

Sera sighed. "Honey, this isn't something to 'fix'. It's just a natural part of becoming a woman. All women go through this until they're old and grey. Really, it's just your body sacrificing the little egg and your uterus lining inside you, and then your body can make a new you can have a baby when the time is right. Isn't that exciting?"

"No! And I'm not going to have kids, so you can just tell my body to stop it!"

"Beth, can't help this. It will be easier if you just accept it."

There were a few moments of silence until Beth finally unlocked and opened the bathroom door. "Fine," she gritted in her teeth.

"Now good," Sera said as she hugged her daughter. "You may be a woman now...but you'll always be my little girl."

Beth just sighed and pressed against her mother, wishing she could go back in.

Author: ryutsuki
Timeline: Twilight Princess
Characters: Link & Beth
Disclaimer: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess is property of Nintendo and co.

Sitting on a bench with his head in hands in a back alley somewhere, he saw her vibrant shoes stop at his feet - however he smelled her from farther than that. It was the stench of a common whore trying to cover up the ever-present loneliness in her life, and Link inwardly groaned as he instinctively knew whose shoes those were.

"Does your mother know you're here?" he asked as he lifted his head to lay eyes on Beth, dolled up with painted nails and lips.

Beth shrugged. "Does it matter? She's got her business with Malo to worry about. She's not thinking about me."

Link simply sighed as he stood up. "Go home. It's late, and you never know what kind of creeps are out at this hour."

"I know," Beth answered, and she stood her ground.

Author: ryutsuki
Timeline: Twilight Princess
Characters: Beth, Talo, Malo, Colin, & Link
Disclaimer: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess is property of Nintendo and co.

"This is sexist! SEXIST!" Beth nearly wailed in frustration with her hands balled at her sides. "You can't have a 'boys only' club! I'm telling!"

Talo crossed his arms. "We can, too! You and Ilia have a little club, and so do we!"

"What? What are you talking about? We do not have a club!"

Malo squinted his already beady eyes. "You two talk to each other."


"Either way, you're not joining ours!"

Colin looked worried and finally spoke out. "Guys...why can't Beth join?"

"Because she is of the female persuasion and I do believe this is a XY-chromosome club," Malo answered.

Talo raised his brow. "What the hell'd you just say?"

Sighing, Malo rolled his eyes. "'Cause she's a girl, and girls can't be in a boys only club."

Colin continued to look worried. "What's the difference?"

"Between boys and girls?"


Beth scoffed. "Boys are stupid, and girls aren't."

"We also have penises!" Talo offered brightly.

"And girls," Malo finished, "have tits."

"T-ti...hey!" Beth said angrily, "what do you guys know about those anyway?!"

Colin shrugged while Talo scratched his head. "I don't know, they're like...moms have them...or something."

"They rock," came Malo's answer.

"So...if tits rock, why can't Beth join our club?" Colin said with great hesitation, not even knowing what exactly he was asking.

Malo scratched his chin. "Good point. Beth, show us your tits or you can't be in our club."

"WHAT?" Beth nearly screeched as her face turned an embarrassed and angry red. Fortunately she spied Link coming around the corner. "LINK! Help me please! The boys are saying I can't join their club unless I flash them!"

Colin looked confused. "That's not what we..."

"You know," Link began with a strange look on his face, "I don't think you have any yet..."

"Oh," Talo murmured, downtrodden.

"So,"Colin began cheerfully, "this means Beth can join our club then, right? Because girls have tits and Beth doesn't have any."

"Well fuck that," Malo murmured, "This club sucks; I'm leaving."

Link sighed and covered his face, hoping he wouldn't hear more of this story later from one of the parents...
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